Dr. Jory Olsen - Veterinarian

Dr. Jory Olsen grew up in southern California and enjoyed the sunshine, weather, and beaches there.

After completing an undergraduate education at San Diego State University, a PhD program at UCLA in biological chemistry was chosen to research basic cancer development and behavior. Deciding to move into a more clinical medicine and taking advantage of his love for pets, Dr. Jory Olsen left UCLA with his masters degree and went to veterinary school.

Dr. Jory Olsen graduated from veterinary school at the University of California at Davis in 1988. He completed an internship at Texas A&M University before returning to UC Davis for a residency. His primary interests during the residency were intestinal disease and food allergies, kidney disease and progression of degenerative disease, cancer therapy, and novel therapy for fungal disease.

Dr. Jory Olsen moved to Atlanta in 1992 and joined the Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialty Practice staff. In 1994 he took ownership of the practice and moved to the present location in 1997. The practice is based on the ultrasound skills established by over 20,000 ultrasound examinations, chemotherapy treatments for a variety of cancers but focusing on lymphoma, endoscopic evaluation of the intestinal tract, respiratory tract, and general endocrine and hematologic internal medicine experience. Dr. Jory Olsen is boarded in small animal internal medicine with the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM). The majority of cases seen are challenging referral medical patients that have failed to respond to primary care and other referral center care.

Dr. Jory Olsen has given multiple presentations to the A.C.V.I.M. national meeting, regional veterinary meetings, local veterinary associations, and dog and cat breed clubs.

Dr. Jory Olsen enjoys the job of helping pets resume a better quality life and trying to restore pets to their place in our families. Outside of the business, he enjoys his family of wife, Diana, and two girls, Kayla and Jacqueline. Traveling is a favorite past-time. He also enjoys activities like tennis and bicycling. At this time, he has four cats and two dogs but the numbers have varied over the years.